Dawid Podsiadło &
Taco Hemingway

creative video content

It was a great honor for us and a lot of fun!🖤We were part of the creative video content team for Dawid Podsiadlo & Taco Hemingway at PGE Narodowy

Combining various techniques, we’ve created unique visual effects that reflect the mood and energy of each song.

The visualizations we prepared were displayed on large LED screens and all the material was synchronized with the live performance.

Dawid Podsiadło &
Taco Hemingway on PGE Narodowy

The concert was a unique artistic experience and the strongly impacting video content was its complement


Video Content Production : Postmotive Studio, Percepto [LAB], Brett Bolton

Production Agency : East Eventz
Promoteur : Maciej Woc
Producer : Michal Falat
Creative Visual Director : Paweł”Spider”Pająk
Creative Visual Production : Percepto [LAB] Production/Lighting/Multimedia Designer : Paweł”Spider”Pająk
MA2 programmer & operator : Paweł”Spider”Pająk , Mateusz Huzar , Michal Krumholc
Barco E2 programmer & operator : Michał Orlowski
Multimedia : Wizja Multimedia
Lighting : Transcolor
Sound : GMB Pro Sound
Stage Automation : Piasecki i Syn
Rigging & Kinesys System : RIGG
shots by. H. Karapuda